National speech-language-hearing rehab education forum was held in Gansu

The “National speech-language-hearing rehab education” forum hosted by Beijing society of audiology was held in Tianshui, Gansu, on Aug 8th-11th,2018. The conference centered on “Discipline system establishment, Professionals training”. Subjects from the fields of audiology, speech rehab, special education, and hearing aid acoustics are presented. Management teams from 50 rehab centers and educational institutions in CHINA get together.

The President of the Beijing society of audiology, Wan Min, gave an opening speech on the opening ceremony. President Wan proposed that peoples and institutions in speech-language-hearing rehab areas should join forces to support the development of this industry. Those included: The popularization of the auditory-based rehab education concept on hearing, speech and language, the standardization of the rehab education procedure and the scientific and systematic guidance of the whole education system.

Nationally renowned speakers gave talks include: Bi Jingya, the director of BSA rehab education and research center, Zhang Ting, the deputy professor of Nanjing Normal University of Special Education, Geng Junli, marketing director of MED-EL China, Wang Junquan from Phonak communications, Liu Xiaoming, the deputy professor of Special Education College in Beijing Union University, Zhang Qing, the dean of Special Education College of Handan College, Wanghui, the director of Special Education College teaching and research section of Anshun College, Huzhigang, director of the audiology technology and research center of BSA. Their speeches centered on the standardization of the rehab education and the future development of technology and education.

This forum also features organizations and companies related to this industry to showcase their stylish and latest products and service.


Thanks to the support from DeafChina (Beijing), MED-EL (China) and Phonak communications (China).